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You can currently reach me at the following addresses:

Dr. med. Jörg-Michael Sigle

Hauptstrasse 138
CH-4126 Bettingen

Mobile (CH) +41-76-276-8694
Mobile (DE) +49-176-964-35413

My current e-mail-adress is:

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Currently, URLs of my Homepage in the WWW are:

Quality-of-Life-Recorder related pages are available directly at:

Information fulfilling requirements of German legislation after German politicians discovered the WWW:

I have lived and worked in Switzerland for several years. The following information was valid when I was still located in Germany:

My VAT-ID-No. was: DE 152 276 27.

If I acted professionally as a medical doctor in Germany at my last place of residence there, the supervising authority was the Ärztekammer Nordwürttemberg, Stuttgart.

If I acted in a way that fell under the definition of "gewerblich" as set out by German law at my last place of residence there, the supervising authority was the IHK Nordwürttemberg, Pforzheim.

Because regulations applicable to my pursuit of any of these activities are likely to change over time, please refer to the mentioned supervising authorities if you wish to receive detailed information about the applicable regulations.


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